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Employed by the U.S. Geological Survey as a IT Specialist, focusing on Computer Security Incident Response "CSIRT" and Computer Forensics.
My previous position from 1990 to 2005 was, a Radio / Microwave Technician, and a Telecommunications Specialist for OPS/BIS

email n6oim@mac.com

Some of my hobbies are, Amateur Radio (N6OIM) See My Amateur Radio Bio

If your related to the name, Please visit Eric Tofsrud's Genealogy Page , and see my Family Tree. It's a heck of a name, are you related?.
This page will have no value unless your related.

This is the N6IIU BBS timeline from start to finish. I was lucky enough to serve more then 3 terms as the lead sysop. The BBS ran between 1982 to 1995

See some Aerial Photos of Blach School.
Also take a gander at the Blach Photo Archive Page.

Hay, I made the local News Paper. Check out the article here.

See what heavy rain and a log jam in Permanente bypass creek can do for a quiet March afternoon

Take a peek at the plans for BlachNet.
Now that it's built, I donate my time and services to Blach School keeping the 80+nodes running on the network. As of 1/98, I've donated over 3000 hours to this project. Yes it's a lot of work to not get payed for, but is very satisfying to see the students and staff grow into their new computer networked environment. Many spinoff projects have been developed at the school sense the networked Macintosh and PC systems have been installed, that would never have happened without the network in place. Teachers are working the new technology into their curriculum more every day. "THIS PROJECT RAN FROM 1995 TO 2000 AND HAS NOW ENDED

THIS WAS MY 2000 TO 2002 PROJECT. Documenting the destruction of the old Blach school, construction of the Blach camp school, and construction of the new permanent Blach school. The first year was documented using QTVR panoramic images, Quicktime time-lapse movies and still images. I ran out of steam the second year and the project was completed with stills only. I attempted to capture every stage of the construction projects. View them at: Blach School Renovation / Camp School QTVR Page

My previous employer of 15 years, 1975 to 1990 was GaSonics / Myco, where I was employee ID#3 !!!

Please have one of my business cards.

If you're interested in earthquakes (and even if you're not, try it out anyway) :
*****The Seismogram of the Day (or Week)*****

Or you could always visit the reliable and fully automated USGS Quake Page.

Please visit my Loma Prita Earthquake AUDIO Roundup Page Where you can download audio files that I recorded from the SPECS Rptr, 10 Min after the '89 Quake hit.
The files are MP3 format. Other '89 Loma Prieta Quake links are listed here also.

Bart the Dog, Bless his loyal little hart, passed away on 4/15/02. He made our house a home for a good 12 years.

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