Ham since 1982!!


Eric Tofsrud N6OIM Amateur Radio Bio.



1982 - Technician Plus class licensee (with Morse Code endorsement)


2000 - General class licensee


1987- Monterey Papal visit. Joint communications coordinator for ATV (Amateur Television). Coordinated and worked with State OES and US Secret Service.


1984 - 1988 Moffett Field NAS Air Show joint communications coordinator. Built up several portable ATV back packs, and supplied live video to air base security.


1982 - 1990 Local city parades VHF, UHF voice communications, Packet Radio communications.


1986 - 1988 The Sequoia Century Western Wheelers 200 mile bicycle rally. SAG wagon support with VHF, UHF voice communications and Packet Radio communications.


1986 - 1988 Participated in weekly ATV (Amateur Television) net. (900Mhz and 1.2Ghz)


1982 - 1991 Worked closely with local EC (Emergency Coordinator) and the city of Los Altos. Provided Voice communications and Packet Radio communications, for many events.


1985 - 1993 Held ARES RACES AEC (Assistant Emergency Coordinator) position for the city of Los Altos, CA.


1982 - 2000 Participated in yearly field day events.


1982 - Experimenting with HF (CW) but my main activity is on VHF / UHF at this time.


1985 - Mexico city earthquake. H&W traffic handler via HF voice. (Palo Alto chapter, Red Cross)


1983 - 1991 American Red Cross DAT "Disaster action team" VHF, UHF Voice communications, Packet Radio communications and ATV. (Palo Alto chapter, Red Cross) Endorsements: Shelter management, Mass care, Mass feeding, Records and reports, Radio communications.


1989 - Attended American Red Cross Disaster Institute in Sacramento. 1 full week of training classes in Shelter management, Damage assessment, Records and Reports, and Mass Care / Ffood Services.


1989 - Loma Prieta Earthquake, First responder. (Shelter management) Independently opened first Red Cross shelter in the Mountain View area. Power and Phone's down. 100% Amateur Radio communications during event. (Palo Alto chapter, Red Cross)


1982 - 1995 Extensive run with Packet Radio BBS Sysop operation (See N6IIU BBS timeline link below)

N6IIU Packet BBS Time Line (Palo Alto chapter, Red Cross)


1985 - 1990. Held a board of directors position for SPECS W6ASH Repeater hardware association. Provided technical assistance for club equipment including 2 meters, 1.25 meters, and 70 cm repeaters. Independently rebuilt 1.25 meter repeater. Independently built up and maintained club Doppler system. Organized and participated in many transmitter hunts.


1986 - 1988 Held ARRL ILT (Interference location team) position. Worked many confidential cases for local clubs and groups.


1986 - 1988 Held ARRL OO position (Official Observer)


1988 - Attended 3 day ERI (Emergency Response communications institute) seminar in Cupertino.


1983 - 1986 Member of National Weather Service Skywarn program. (NWS Redwood City Office)


2006 - Installed APRS in my 4X4. N6OIM-14


2007 - Present, rejoined NWS (National Weather Service) Skywarn program, Sacramento CA. Also maintain active weather data feeds to my sites located within NWS, CWOP (Citizen Weather Observer Program) ID = AS790 / N6OIM, Weather Underground, and WeatherBug.

My LIVE Weather Station Data!


2007 - Present, Actively participate in daily Sacramento Valley Skywarn Net (Skywarn ID# SA-113) (weather data collection net, has existed since 1974), and the Sacramento region Emergency Managers Noon Net.


2011 - Back on HF. Currently have 10 to 160 Meter stations located at both home and office locations, Active on 7.268.5 MHz 40 meter Noon Time Net (Western states) and the 3.857 MHz Nightflyers net, Midnight to 3:00am. Note, Nightflyers net, disbanded due to nightly jamming ;-( 

Enjoy working world wide DX on 10 through 80 Meters.


2011 - Active on UHF GMRS. (Hold current GMRS FCC License)


2012 - Purchased a HF amp to compliment the home station. Ameritron 811H. (4 tube model) Previous owner had dropped the unit, and there was significant damage inside the chassis. Rebuilt, added 10 Meter mod, and it's better then new!! (All said and done, financially, it ended up being a very good deal at the end of the day..)


2012 -Active member of FEMA's Federal SHARES net. Participate in weekly check-in during the region 9 SHARES net, representing my agency, just below 40 Meters.


2015 - Added HF mobile capabilities to the lineup. Mobile now has 80-10 meters, 6 meters, along with the existing 2 meters, 70 centimeters, and 2m APRS gear.




Please visit the site below, and listen to my Loma Prieta Earthquake audio tapes. I started the recording just a few Min's after the main Loma Prieta m7.1 Earthquake of 1989. Find 4ea. 15 Min audio files.


Click here for Earthquake audio tapes



'73, Eric, N6OIM