The Name, Tofsrud

Welcome to Eric Tofsrud's genealogy page.


When I established my WEB Site in early 1995, I was the only Tofsrud to be

found on any of the Internet search engine. As of 1998, there are

many more Tofsrud's out here. Over time, I've received several messages

from other Tofsrud's That I never even knew existed, and all with the same question,

"Are you related?" With all the interest in our roots, and the Internet to bring us together,

I was motivated enough to whip up a WEB Page on the topic.


Here you will find some fragments of my heritage, related to the sir name

of Tofsrud. At some point I'll formalize it into one clean document, but for

now, scans of the original documents are all I can offer.


Click below to view the items.

See our famaly tree
See the Letter from Norway
See the card from Carol Lee
See a more detailed version of the tree, but not going back as far.
See yet another version of the tree
See one last version of the tree


All of this info came from my Aint Carol Lee. She traveled to Norway in the 80's and spent

some time researching the Tofsrud roots.


If you see a relationship to your roots on these documents, Please let me know.

This line (leg of the tree), has only two male Tofsrud's left. My self

and my son, Andrew. I don't plan on having any more little ones, so it's up

to Andrew to carry the line on.


More to come in the future


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