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Here you will find photo images related to the history of
Blach School in Los Altos CA

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Image 1-The foreground shows ground breaking for the Blach School tennis courts. The background shows a real new PE Gym, and two new floors that were added to El Camino Hospital. What year was it?

Image 2-This image shows construction starting on Blach's Science/Library wing. The foreground shows part of the old wooden stage. What year was it?

Image 3-A 2'nd image shows construction starting on Blach's Science/Library wing.

Image 4-As my sister (Ann Tofsrud) poses in the foreground, construction continues on the Blach's Science/Library wing.

Image 5-I took this picture just out of interest. It`s the Santa Clara County Prison bus. Trustee work crews are still transported to the school on weekends, but now unmarked vans are used. Gee, I wonder why...

Image 7-Bell Jet Ranger II choppers buzz over Blach School on October 1981. Malathion Insecticide was broadcast from 10 foot spray booms mounded to each side of the aircraft.
Quote from San Jose Mercury News archives:
Many residents of the Bay Area in 1981 still remember the nighttime roar of helicopters spraying malathion to eradicate the crop-threatening Mediterranean fruit fly. For 13 months, cars had to be covered, children and pets stayed indoors at night and windows were kept closed.

Image 6-The helicopters came back in 1989 to finish the dreaded med fly off. I still have spots on the body of my camera form the poison mist that they dropped on Los Altos.

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