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Below are four audio files that I recorded just after the Loma Prieta Earthquake.
Hear damage reports being called into the W6ASH (SPECS) Ham Repeater's Net Control station.
Hear the excitement and fear as aftershocks happen during the net.
Excuse the open microphone, it's all I could do at the time.

Here are some of my post event notes.
I started the tape about 10 minutes after the main event. Seconds before I
pushed record, we had a Mag 5x aftershock. If you listen closely, you can
hear my neighbor's alarm sounding in the background. There were several
more aftershocks that happened during the taping. One knocked my phone
off the hook. You can hear the alert beeps. One aftershock interrupted the net
due to net control having to leave the Sunnyvale Fire Station he was in. I pulled
out my generator at dusk and we had the whole neighborhood at our house
watching the news. We were without PG&E Power for 3 days after the event!
The night of the quake around 11:00pm, I was called to open a Red Cross
Shelter at the Senior Center in Mountain View. I checked people in all night,
but in the morning the city condemned the building due to damage. We moved
the shelter to the Rengstorff Park Recreation Center where I finished my shift.

Hope you enjoy the audio files, '73 Eric N6OIM

Note: I've noticed that some sites on the internet have stolen and altered my Loma Prieta Earthquake audio files, and embedded them with Trojans. Please use the masters on this site. I've included a MD5 Hash of each file, for validation.

Click here to download the audio files in MP3 format.

loma1.mp3 1,164k, MD5 Hash = E593A3BE262AF9838FD5A3CA37395586
loma2.mp3 1,580k, MD5 Hash = 68B551EB3CD304C70C8243A9E2DD9AD8
loma3.mp3 1,459k, MD5 Hash = 1E82B2DBF18BE8A7E254C05F15294A3D
loma4.mp3 1,018k, MD5 Hash = 7C56F7CA341D1951B2EFD45C44AB224C

If you have or know of anyone that has audio recordings relating to the
'89 quake, please consider putting them on the WEB. If you need help
digitizing then or need a place to host them, just ask. I'd be happy to help.

The following is a short list of interesting links related to the topic. These are all external and I don't have control over their content. If you happen to see a broken link, please let me know via my email address at the page bottom.

To view curent and past earthquake data. Please visit the USGS Quake WEB Site.

Or visit the Northern California Earthquake Data Center at UCB.



This is a real clean site from Stanford. It's title is:
The San Andreas Fault and the San Francisco Bay Area.
Check it out. It's a good one! Go to the bottom of this page to see
some more cool links, including more audio files from the state OES.

Here's a nice site done by the University of Delaware Department
of Civil & Environmental Engineering. It's titled Loma Prieta


How about an Earthquake FAQ


Visit TheTech as they feature Earthquakes, Things to Learn About.


See what's Shaking in Parkfield Ca.

Here's a very nice summery and collection of links titled  Remembering the Loma Prieta Earthquake

Check out this Panorama showing Loma Prieta Epicenter in the Forest of
Nisene Marks State Park located in the Santa Cruz Area. Also see some of the other
excellent work that Erik Goetze has created. You could spend hours viewing his
over 700+ panoramic photos. Note Apple's QuickTime may be requited for viewing
the panoramic images. Get QuickTime here

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