The Unofficial GaSonics Memorabilia Page

Welcome to the Unofficial, GaSonics Memorabilia Clean Room

Here you will find photos collected during the 15 years
that I was with GaSonics.

This is a weekend project, so expect it to be under construction for quite some time.
No HTML editor used here in this Clean Room, it's all hand crafted stuff...

Backgroung image by Grant Russell, 1987

**** The Virtual WALL of Post, Photo Archive ****

*** WANTED *** Jim Holmes and Bob Sellers. You have not yet checked in with the GaSonics Memorabilia Clean Room. Please contact immediately

Dano gave me these to submit just after the Gasonics 2005 reunion. Images of 1989 softball team and 1992 open house. Link to Gasonics 2005 reunion images.

See The Grant Russell Sketch art collection Here!

See More Grant Russell Sketch art recently found 8/02!

Click on a thumbnail below to view the full image

See Quicktime movie clips of the Gasonics floor recorded in the 80's

See additional pictures recently found 8/02!

Here are some pictures that Tom Keith submitted in early 2005. Nice to hear form you Tom!!

More to come...

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